Strand Garden

Date: 2016
Size: 700 Square Feet
Materials: Oak, Concrete, PLA, Chardonnay Skin Powder, LEDs
Location: Miami, FL
Client: Maison Perrier-Jouët
Exhibition: DesignMiami/2016

Inspired by the organic curves of Art Nouveau and translated through Matsys’s unique approach to digital craftsmanship, these four new pieces explore the champagne-making process and its emblematic materials.

Strand Garden’s three screens of curved strands, evoking tree trunks or vines, mark out a central area: “You’re in a small clearing,” Andrew Kudless explains. “You get hints of what lies beyond, but it’s an inward-looking, reflective space.”

The oak tops of the interlocking benches evoke Perrier-Jouët’s riddling racks and wine presses, while the concrete of their legs has been specially crafted to resemble the chalk that shelters the Maison’s cellars and nourishes its vines.

The table in the center of the space is 3D-printed in a clear bio-plastic that conjures up glass: its filaments sparkle in the light to suggest the fine, vibrant bubbles of Perrier-Jouët’s distinctive wines.

Finally, the ice bucket takes the organic relationship with champagne to the limit, by 3D-printing ground Chardonnay skins into rippled petals that recall the wrinkled skin of a raisin.

Design: Andrew Kudless
Programming: Clayton Muhleman
Concrete: Concreteworks
3D Printing: Emerging Objects
Screen Assembly: Sitou Akolly, Marianna Munguia-Chang, Mengjie (Tina) Shen, Xiaoxue (Amy) Guo, Sam Villasenor, Armughan Faruqi, Taylor Metcalf
Prototyping: Anh Vu, Ania Burlinska
Carpentry: Ania Burlinska, James Seckelman, Emery Cohen

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