P_Wall (Sevenstar)

Date: 2011
Size: 1.93m x 1.75m x 0.3m
Materials: Fiber-Reinforced Plaster

Description: This project belongs to the larger P_Wall series of projects that investigate the self-organization of material under force. Using nylon fabric and wooden dowels as form-work, the weight of the liquid plaster slurry causes the fabric to sag, expand, and wrinkle before finding a state of equilibrium. The form that emerges resonates with the tension between our own elastic skin and fluid interior. Using digital tools to design and simulate the process yet allowing the forms to develop according to the inherent physical forces, there always exists a welcome gap between the designed and the emergent in the work.

Credits: Fabrication and Installation: Andrei Hakovich, Sean Wong, and Nathan John

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