Lumina Pavilion

Date: 2017
Location: The Lawn, Academical Village, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Size: 2,250 square feet
Exhibition: University of Virginia Bicentennial Celebration
Client: University of Virginia, School of Architecture

Matsys was commissioned by the School of Architecture to work with staff, faculty, and students in the design and fabrication of a pavilion celebrating the bicentennial of the founding of the University of Virginia. Over six weeks, the team developed a series of four structures (S, M, L, and XL) that collectively form a central clearing. Sited on the Lawn, the various sizes and orientations of the arches frame views of the surrounding historic Academical Village.

Lumina is constructed from 736 unique CNC-routed polypropylene parts that are assembled into structural tubes. Each tube has a triangular cross-section making it extremely strong. These tubes are joined to each other to form the large arches with truss-like cross-sections and then each arch is joined with their adjacent arches to form the entire shell structure. The interior of the tubes were lit with LED lights which allowed the team to experiment with a variety of colors throughout the bicentennial event.

Project Credits
Instructors: Michael Leighton Beaman (Beta-field), Melissa Goldman (University of Virginia), Andrew Kudless (California College of the Arts / Matsys)
Students: Rosvel Brancho- Sanchez, Kimberly Corral, Ziqi Chen, Samuel Feldman, Kyle J Gename, Joshua Gritz, Jack Hatcher, Sam Adams Johnson, Steven Johnson, Sihan Lai, Katie LaRose, Katherine Lipkowitz, Zeyu Liu, Ian MacPherson, Jacob McLaughlin, Veronica Merril, Anna Morrison, Tim Nielsen, Gabriela Rodas, Rosalie Reuss, Zazu Swistel, Michael Tucker, Hao Wang, Chris Weimann, Jinguang Xie, Yi Yang.

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